Hi! My name is Javier Arce, comme tout le monde.

I draw and write [code] and live in Madrid. I work at CartoDB making maps.

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  • Poetical Turk

    Poetical Turk is a poetic machine (ha!) slash twitter bot (oh!) powered by human brains (ew!) like you (aw!).

  • My Japan trip

    I’m planning a trip to Japan at the end of May. It’ll be my very first time there and my FOMO levels are skyrocketing, so I built a website to let seasoned japanophiles like you to help me.

  • Spotimap

    A map of songs about cities.

  • 15-day Walk of Shame

    A visualization of my last 15 days of walking.

  • ePub Boilerplate

    A simple template to make ePub-formatted books.

  • Kickstarter Backer Scrapper

    Scrapping tool to get backers locations

  • Tumblr plugin loader

    Load code based on the tags of a Tumblr post.

  • Tumblr photo export

    Export the photos from your liked posts in Tumblr.

  • Music Snitch

    Informs the world about the music you're listenting to.

  • T∞lbox

    A collection of tools, APIs and other resources to use in creative coding web projects.

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